By Peter Martin on 2016-06-14 00:00 in GSoC 16 Improving the menu item workflow

Date: 14th Jun 2016
Time: 14:30 (UTC / GMT)
Meeting was attended by: Shubham Rajput, Gunjan Patel, Peter Martin

* Presentation and Review on work done last week

Shubham analyzed the models of /administrator/components/com_content/models/article.php and /administrator/components/com_menus/models/item.php to understand flow through models of the content and menu components.

He did a PR to demonstrate that he understood the database connectivity. However, he made a mistake with that and Gunjan had a Google hangout chat with him and helped him out.

Shubham found out how to connect the article with a menu. One of the method he found was using the controller of com_content to call the model function of com_menus. In order to do that he analyzed the com_content and com_menus folder of administrator part more thoroughly. 

He experimented a bit to test how the controller functions calls the model function and how the data is saved in the database. Shubham found out two things:

  1. Using JLoader::register call the model of com_menus from the controller of content and then save the data
  2. Another method he used was the addsubmenu function in /administrator/components/com_content/helpers/content.php to show the menu add item part. Its is available in list view. He hopes to make it in the edit view of the com_content part.

* Timeline and tasks

For next time 21 June - Milestone "menu item creation" for article edit in com_content.

* Open Questions

Peter asked about the git workflow of Shubham, and about keeping the repo in sync with the Joomla staging repo. There’s a small configuration error in the Joomla GSoC16 repo for this project that Gunjan will get corrected. Shubham uses his own fork and will create PRs for the main repo. Shubham keeps his own repo in sync with the Joomla staging repo.