By Private Profile 3ed3e09d on 2016-08-12 16:17 in GSoC 16 Improving the menu item workflow

Date: 2nd August 2016 on Glip Chat

Time: 14:30 (UTC / GMT)

Meeting was attended by: Shubham Rajput, Gunjan Patel, Peter Martin

  • Presentation and Review on work done previous week

In last two week my whole focus was on developing the plugin to make the functionality generic. Previously the plugin was able to display fields in the component edit view and remaining functionalities were left to be developed.

The next step was to save the newly created fields data in the menu table through plugin. It was accomplished by using these two events trigger



When I tested this functionality in the article edit view. The results were

  1. For newly created article the data was stored in the menu table without any problem

  2. If that article is opened again and newly created fields data were edited that resulted in a infinite loop and as a result the data was not storing in the database.

Gunjan helped me by first telling me where the problem was and suggested to find the solution for that bug. Later I removed the bugs and the plugin started to work fine.

After that I added one more functionality in the plugin. To copy the title in the menu title automatically using javascript for better user experience. I was using inline javascript code. Yves suggested remove inline javascript code and call separately from the media folder.

There were some code improvements suggested by Gunjan like correcting code style.

I also added new parameter field in the plugin option to select which component uses the plugin. I tested this newly created parameter fields in contact,article and category component


  • Timeline & Tasks

1. To remove the bug of parent id not working properly using ajax and jquery

2. To replace the drop down list with text-box within the parameter tab of plugin.


  • Problems Faced

As I am new to ajax I have to take help from my mentors Gunjan and peter with respect to remove the bug no.1 as mentioned above.


  • Next meeting Date & Timing

Date: 12 Aug 2016 on Glip Chat

Time: 14:30 (UTC / GMT)