By Private Profile 823f510a on 2016-06-10 00:00 in GSoC 16 Improved multi-lingual content management

Meeting start: Monday 6th June 16h:00 UTC

Attendees: André Pereira da Silva, Jean-Marie Simonet, Rob Clayburn

Not present:Nicola Galgano (pre-arranged) 


What should be considered ok for 20-27 june midterm evaluation.

A Proof of Concept (PoC) (with one component with categories, ex: com_content or com_contact or com_newsfeeds) that works, but doesn't need to work flawless.

Must include main list view with select and side by side view for that component.

There is no need, for now, for the copy feature, ACL manage, code/code style/graphical perfection, among others.

Basicly, select the item in the list view, load the side by side, add/edit the associated item content and them save.

Milestone issuse

We decided make issues with milestone for all project milestones (ex: Implement ACL 8th week) see These will be filled with tasks after the midterm review when we know more about the state of the project. 

Defined which mentor does what:

  • Manage GitHub staging syncronize, issues, milestones, labels, etc -> Nicola and André
  • Joomla Community Reports -> Rob
  • Mentors/All meetings schedule and agenda -> Jean-Marie

Implementation and copy feature

We discussed the possible UI methods for copy items from the original text to the side by side translation. Either as 2 iframes or with JavaScript. Whilst both methods have their plus and minus points we decided that we would asks João , our student, to look at the iframe method. 


For an idea of the UI João is working on please take a look at this Github ticket


Meeting ajourned at 19:10h