A temporary working group to investigate potential different incorporation options for the Joomla project.

Legal & Financial
Parent Team
Legal Working Group
Date Started
November 2017
Joomler Position Role Date Started
duke-speer.png Duke Speer United States Team Leader Nov 2017
dd37_aleksander-kuczek.jpg Aleksander Kuczek Poland Member Nov 2017
5cbf_luca-marzo.png Luca Marzo Italy Member Nov 2017
mike-demopoulos.jpg Mike Demopoulos United States Member Nov 2017
85be_21192466_10159236127585641_6204864542620105572_n.jpg Rowan Hoskyns Abrahall United Kingdom Member Nov 2017
2e64_Soren1square.jpg Soren Jensen Spain Member Nov 2017
7021_yves-hoppe.jpg Yves Hoppe Germany Member Nov 2017

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