This team is responsible for the development and maintenance of Joomla's Issue Tracking system.

Parent Team
Webmasters Team
Date Started
October 2012
Joomler Position Role Date Started Date Ended
a9cc_nikolai-plath.png Nikolai Plath Ecuador Member Developer Jan 2013 Mar 2020
3033_ava_gh.jpeg Dmitry Rekun Latvia Member Developer Apr 2013 Mar 2020
e20b_jwc17_smile.jpg Michael Babker United States Team Leader System Administrator Oct 2012 Oct 2019
87a8_123_4.jpg Marc-Antoine Thevenet Saint Martin (French part) Member Translation Coordinator Jul 2016 Dec 2016
5cd3_avatar.png Tobias Zulauf Germany Member Jul 2015 Dec 2015
philip-locke.jpg Philip Locke Contributor Nov 2014 Nov 2014


Create an intuitive and user friendly interface for the issue tracker

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Responsible for writing and maintaining high quality PHP code to power the issue tracker application.

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System Administrator

Responsible for deploying the site to the live server and responding to any issues related to hosting.

Translation Coordinator

Coordinates with translators to ensure they have the resources needed to translate the issue tracker interface. Communicates translator issues with the developers.

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The live application is deployed and in use at and its code is open source and shared under the GPL v2 license.  If you are interested in joining development on the project, please visit and review the current issue and pull request backlogs as these are the active tasks for the group; all discussion occurs on GitHub!

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