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May 2017
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1a8a_profile_pic.jpg Dimitris Grammatikogiannis Belgium Team Leader May 2017
a0cc_PSX_20170430_205033.jpg Alexander Schmidt Germany Member Sep 2017
dc76_30978328.jpeg Anurag Kumar India Member Aug 2018
cf40_david-neukirchen.jpg David Neukirchen Germany Member May 2017
Fedir Zinchuk Ukraine Member May 2017
9170_AAEAAQAAAAAAAAMIAAAAJGE4MDBkNzhmLTkyYTYtNDcwZi05YzJhLWIyYWVhMWZiYmZmYQ.jpg Yannis Maragos Greece Member Dec 2017
7021_yves-hoppe.jpg Yves Hoppe Germany Member May 2017
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3e08_10861132_10204306725406806_8579447569950816857_o.jpg Charlie Lodder United Kingdom Assistant Team Leader Jun 2017 May 2018

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Javascript team status meeting 30. Nov 2017

By Dimitris Grammatikogiannis on 2017-12-01 13:48 in JavaScript Working Group

List of Attendees Overview   Participants   A Alexander Schmidt AS   Charlie Lodder CL X David Neukirchen DN   Dimitris Grammatiko DG X Fedir FZ X Yves...

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