By Josean Telleria on 2021-06-28 09:25 in Joomla 4 Marketing Team

Status update about the Joomla 4 Marketing Team during June 2021:

Currently, three new members have been added to the Joomla 4 marketing team: Edurne Rubio (help in design and corrections in Spanish), Irune Elicegui (Video), Daniel Álvarez (Google Ads)


Tasks done and being done:

  • Finalised design and layout of the brochure. The following languages are currently translated and uploaded to the drive: Dutch, French, German-Switzerland, Russian and Turkish. Spanish and Indonesian are currently in layout. Translation available at
  • Video production and editing for Joomla 4, almost finished.
  • Worldwide promotion idea with JOOMLA4ALL. We still have to define if we will continue with the current rocket or design a new one.Design of the new PICS for social networks and posts. In progress.
  • Google Ads, waiting for Daniel Alvarez to be invited and for us to have a first meeting with him.
  • Landing page in production, thanks to Benjamin Trenkle for help with that
  • Newsletter restarted for release news
  • Discussions on the shop: bringing it back into production started and some solutions investigated.