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2dc6_work-photo.jpg George Wilson United Kingdom Team Leader Jan 2017
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1a8a_profile_pic.jpg Dimitris Grammatikogiannis Belgium Member Oct 2016
2e3f_Screen-Shot-2017-07-12-at-22.48.17.png Elisa Foltyn Germany Member Jun 2017
edd4_philprofilepic.png Philip Walton United Kingdom Member Jan 2017
7021_yves-hoppe.jpg Yves Hoppe Germany Member Jan 2017
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e65a_joe.jpg Joe Palmer United Kingdom Member Jan 2017 Feb 2017

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Joomla 4 Updates May 2018

By George Wilson on 2018-05-12 14:01 in Joomla 4 Working Group

Backend Template Work is ongoing on the invision prototype in the backend template repository: Once the repo is stable (currently there's some PHP errors and design issue etc...

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