By George Wilson on 2018-07-01 22:58 in Joomla 4 Working Group

The Joomla 4 Template Team had a meeting Wednesday 27th June 2018. In attendence was Elisa, Ciaran, Dimitris, Rick and George.

It was noted the great work Elisa had done since JAB assembling issues in the J4 Template repository for people to do regarding design compliance on specific pages.

We discussed the open Pull Requests to the backend template repository and again resolved to merge the Joomla 4 template repository into the main repository as per our original agreement at JAB.

George will get the repository in sync so that when the system dashboard is complete it can be merged into the main repository.

Ciaran will pick up the implementation of and style it into the designs. If required Dimitris or George will make this into a foreach loop so that it's much easier to style

Rick will work on turning the menus into a dropdown style. This should be much easier now the new PHP API has been merged

Dimitris will work on custom elements. These need some rework as we used connectedCallback as a one time initialisation which we have discovered is a bad idea (