The Joomla CMS Language Team is responsible for the translation of the Joomla CMS into different languages.
Anyone can help translate Joomla into their language via the CrowdIn account here.
If your language isn’t yet available, please let us know and we’ll get it set up ready for you to start translating.

Questions / Issues can be raised here:

Parent Team
CMS Release Team
Date Started
March 2021
Joomler Position Role Date Started Stefan Wendhausen Germany Team Leader German DE/AT/LI/LU Feb 2022
Abolhassan Firoozmandan Contributor Persian Farsi (fa-IR) Jun 2021
Akarawuth Tamrareang Contributor Thai (th-TH) Aug 2021
Alex Chen Contributor Chinese, Traditional (zh-TW) Jul 2021 Andi Setiawan Indonesia Contributor Indonesian (id-ID) Oct 2022 Ashikur Rahman Bangladesh Contributor Bengali, Bangladesh (bn-BD) Nov 2021
Balázs Csontos Contributor Hungarian (hu-HU) Jul 2021 Denys Ukraine Contributor Ukrainian (uk-UA) Mar 2021 Dmitrijs Rekuns Latvia Contributor Russian (ru-RU) Mar 2021 Dyfrig Berry United Kingdom Contributor Welsh (cy-GB) Mar 2021
Edgars Piruška Contributor Latvian (lv-LV) Mar 2021
Geir B. Skårhaug Contributor Norwegian Nynorsk (nn-NO) Jan 2022
Giovanni Genovino Contributor Italian (it-IT) May 2021 Goran Nešić Contributor Serbian, Latin (sr-YU) Apr 2022 Hassan Abdalla (Ayeko) Contributor Swahili (sw-KE) Mar 2021
Hayyi Malaysia Contributor Malay (ms-MY) Feb 2023
Heng Sovann Contributor Khmer (Cambodia) km-KH Mar 2021 Hervé Boinnard Ireland Contributor Irish (ga-IE) Oct 2021
Hirano Hiroko Contributor Japanese (ja-JP) Apr 2021
Horia Negura Contributor Romanian (ro-RO) Mar 2021
Ilagnayeru (MIG) Manickam Contributor Tamil (ta-IN) Mar 2021
Inge Draugsvoll Norway Contributor Norwegian Nynorsk (nn-NO) Nov 2021
Jüri Raudmaa Contributor Estonian (et-EE) Sep 2021 Kazuo Gomi Filho Brazil Contributor Portuguese, Brazil (pt-BR) Aug 2021
Kristaps Kruzmanis Latvia Contributor Latvian (lv-LV) Oct 2022
Kristina B Contributor Macedonian (mk-MK) Nov 2022 Llewellyn van der Merwe Namibia Contributor Afrikaans (af-ZA) Sep 2021 Luca Racchetti Italy Contributor Italian (it-IT) Jan 2022 Martijn Maandag Netherlands Contributor Dutch (nl-NL) Mar 2021 Mihaly Marti Switzerland Contributor French (fr-FR) Mar 2021 Oh Martin Namibia Contributor Ndonga (ng-NA) Jan 2022 Oskaras Jankauskas Lithuania Contributor Lithuanian (lt-LT) Jun 2022 Pablo Arias Spain Contributor Galician (gl-ES) Dec 2022 Patrick Jackson Australia Contributor English, Australia & USA Jul 2021
Peter Michnica Slovakia Contributor Slovak (sk-SK) Apr 2021
Private Profile 05b3acf4 Contributor Czech (cs-CZ) Jun 2021
Private Profile 327803a5 Contributor Basque (eu-ES) Mar 2021
Private Profile 35d6bffd Contributor Catalan (ca-ES) Jun 2021
Private Profile 375901e3 Contributor Arabic Unitag (ar-AA) Mar 2021
Private Profile 3ae26621 Contributor Hebrew (he-IL) Jan 2022
Private Profile 40f19930 Contributor Italian (it-IT) Apr 2021
Private Profile 5d0de8ed Contributor Portuguese (pt-PT) Mar 2021
Private Profile 77146eba Contributor Georgian (ka-GE) Mar 2021
Private Profile 8216259d Contributor Croatian (hr-HR) Mar 2021
Private Profile 8ef4722f Contributor Dari (fa-AF) Aug 2021
Private Profile a3a71fc8 Contributor Czech (cs-CZ) Sep 2021
Private Profile acd8a751 Contributor Finnish (fi-FI) Sep 2021
Private Profile ba543cc7 Contributor Flemish (nl-BE) Mar 2021
Private Profile e468e65c Contributor Indonesian (id-ID) Mar 2021
Private Profile f24f8e42 Contributor Esperanto (eo-XX) Mar 2021
Roline van der Merwe Contributor Afrikaans (af-ZA) Dec 2021
Ronny Buelund Contributor Danish (da-DK) Mar 2021 Rune Rasmussen Finland Contributor Norwegian Bokmål (nb-NO) Apr 2021 Saša Matić Serbia Contributor Serbian, Cyrillic (sr-RS) Jul 2022 Sretko Devič Viet Nam Contributor Slovenian (sl-SI) Mar 2021
Stefan Gagner Contributor Swedish (sv-SE) Jul 2021 Stefan Wajda Poland Contributor Polish (pl-PL) Jul 2021
Supachai Teasakul Contributor Thai (th-TH) Aug 2021
Sve Mar Bulgaria Contributor Bulgarian (bg-BG) Oct 2021 Ugur Uygur Turkey Contributor Turkish (tr-TR) Aug 2021
Valc Contributor Spanish (es-ES) Jul 2021 Yiorgos Fakas Greece Contributor Greek (el-GR) Jul 2021 Zhou Yongjian China Contributor Chinese, Simplified (zh-CN) Apr 2021
el_libre Contributor Catalan (ca-ES) Apr 2021
Joomler Position Role Date Started Date Ended
Roger Perren Contributor German (de-CH) Mar 2021 Feb 2023 Stefan Wendhausen Germany Contributor German DE/AT/LI/LU Mar 2021 Feb 2022

Afrikaans (af-ZA)

Albanian (sq-AL)

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Arabic Unitag (ar-AA)

Armenian (hy-AM)

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Basque (eu-ES)

Belarusian (be-BY)

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Bengali, Bangladesh (bn-BD)

Bulgarian (bg-BG)

Catalan (ca-ES)

Chinese, Simplified (zh-CN)

Chinese, Traditional (zh-TW)

Croatian (hr-HR)

Czech (cs-CZ)

Danish (da-DK)

Dari (fa-AF)

Dutch (nl-NL)

Dzongkha (dz-BT)

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English, Australia & USA

English, USA (en-US) English, Australia (en-AU)

English, Canada (en-CA)

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Esperanto (eo-XX)

Estonian (et-EE)

Finnish (fi-FI)

Flemish (nl-BE)

French (fr-FR)

French, Canada (fr-CA)

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Georgian (ka-GE)

German (de-CH)

German DE/AT/LI/LU

German (de-AT) German (de-DE) German (de-LI) German (de-LU)

Greek (el-GR)

Hebrew (he-IL)

Hindi, India (hi-IN)

More information

Hungarian (hu-HU)

Indonesian (id-ID)

Irish (ga-IE)

Italian (it-IT)

Japanese (ja-JP)

Khmer (Cambodia) km-KH

Latvian (lv-LV)

Lithuanian (lt-LT)

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Macedonian (mk-MK)

More information

Ndonga (ng-NA)

Norwegian Bokmål (nb-NO)

Norwegian Nynorsk (nn-NO)

Persian Farsi (fa-IR)

Polish (pl-PL)

Portuguese (pt-PT)

Portuguese, Brazil (pt-BR)

Romanian (ro-RO)

Russian (ru-RU)

Serbian, Cyrillic (sr-RS)

More information

Serbian, Latin (sr-YU)

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Slovak (sk-SK)

Slovenian (sl-SI)

Spanish (es-ES)

Spanish, Colombia (es-CO)

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Swahili (sw-KE)

Swedish (sv-SE)

Syriac, East (sy-IQ)

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Tamil (ta-IN)

Team Coordinator

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Thai (th-TH)

Turkish (tr-TR)

Ukrainian (uk-UA)

Vietnamese (vi-VN)

More information

Welsh (cy-GB)

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