By Andrea Gentil on 2020-04-24 14:02 in Community Magazine Team

The meeting started at 19:00 (CEST).

Participants: Luca Marzo, Chris Keen, Patrick Jackson, Anja de Crom, Aris Ntatsis, Sandra Decoux, Ahmad Moussa, Wilco Alsemgeest, Hans van der Meer,  Andrea Gentil.

Apologies: Mark Bender, Marc Dechèvre, Rowan Hoskyns Abrahall

Discussion outline

  1. From 9th to 16th April a vote was held on the selection of a new team leader, resulting in the election of Andrea Gentil as TL. Andrea asked Luca Marzo to be the ATL
  2. May issue: the team defined the featured topic, articles needed and possible authors to start contacting them.
  3. Review of the publication workflow and style guide: Luca and Andrea will work with Mark and Wilco in the definition of the workflow and it will be published in the Authors guideline.
  4. JCM Editorial Plan:  Team started to work on ideas for a 3-4 month editorial plan.
  5. Social Media campaign: Call for authors and thanks to authors, Andrea will prepare material for the SM Team.
  6. Luca and Chris will work on Google Analytics reports.
  7. Wilco will set up a GitHub Team for project management, linked to the Magazine repo.
  8. Sandra proposed several improvements to the Home page layout, the newsletter and the author’s page, (all in the meeting agenda). The team will work on them.
  9. Translations: Luca proposed to handle translations the same way that Joomla announcements, through Marketing Liaisons. Sandra and Luca will prepare a disclaimer for no links to paid sites.


The meeting ended at 20:30 (CEST)