By Andrea Gentil on 2021-06-28 14:15 in Community Magazine Team

Attendees: Anja de Crom, Sandra Decoux, Luca Marzo, Andrea Gentil

Guest: Philip Walton

Discussion outline

  • June issue published on time: thanks to the whole team for the work done
  • July issue planning started.
  • Review of monthly stats from Analytics and newsletter.
  • Team Leader Election: Andrea Gentil has been re-elected for another term.
  • Budget: request from JCM for Marketing purposes was denied.
  • Pending: Author’s guide: general review (add comparison with competitors and change management)
  • Pending: Onboarding process for authors: final review to implement it
  • Pending: Send a Call for Authors mailing
  • Pending: Review the tag structure

The meeting has been adjourned after 90 minutes.