By Andrea Gentil on 2021-10-28 13:28 in Community Magazine Team

Attendees:  Anja de Crom, Luca Marzo, Hans Van Der Meer, Sandra Decoux, Philip Walton, Andrea Gentil

Discussion outline

  • October issue published on time: thanks to the whole team for the work done
  • November issue planning started.
  • Call for Team Leader replacement: I am stepping down as a TL and a member of the JCM. For the moment I can't dedicate any more time to the magazine.
    It has been a pleasure to work with this team.
  • The JCM team has been moved to the Marketing Department (Board meeting 2021-10-21). We thank Wilco for his work and collaboration with the Magazine as Operation DC.

The meeting has been adjourned after 60 minutes.