By Anja de Crom on 2022-11-14 14:46 in Community Magazine Team

Attendees:  Luca Marzo, Phil Walton, Anja de Crom, Hans van der Meer, Sandra Decoux

This was our first JCM chat meeting in Mattermost instead of Good Old Glip. We'll get used to it :)

What did we talk about

November issue: there are a lot of articles in the issue plan, by a great number of authors. Some of those articles are not ready yet and can move to December. For this issue, we will have 12-13 articles ready on time, which is great.

General: We have an editorial rule stating content for the magazine should be original and not published elsewhere in the exact same form. This is a rule we value very much, so if an author submits an article that has already been published elsewhere, we ask the author to modify the content, ensuring that the submitted article doesn't represent a copy/paste of the content already published. We will keep enforcing this rule.

The meeting lasted about 45 minutes.