By Anja de Crom on 2023-03-02 18:03 in Community Magazine Team

Attendees:  Luca Marzo, Anja de Crom, Sandra Decoux, Philip Walton (all team members), Johannes Dürscheid, Viviana Menzel, Serge Billon (contributors present in the channel)

What did we talk about

March issue: I can almost copy paste from previous reports: the upcoming issue looks good. We have a fine number of articles in a nice range of topics. During the meeting we found authors for all articles, so all is looking well.

The meeting lasted an hour.

Want to join a JCM meeting?

Our meetings take place in the dedicated JCM channel on Mattermost. They're chat meetings, so if people can't join us during the meeting, they can always read back. Are you curious about the JCM or what's happening there? Join us, our channel is called OR Community Magazine.

You don't have to be a team member to join the channel. But we might ask you one fine day if you'd like to contribute to the JCM. So be prepared :)

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