By Private Profile 73b9c128 on 2017-08-02 17:52 in Community Magazine Team

Attendees: Helvecio da Silva, Jacques Rentzque

2017-08-02, 16:30 UTC

Topics discussed:

  1. JCM General og:image
    Jacques has provided a PSD file to be used as the basis for each magazine issue.
  2. JCM page og:image
    Jacques has informed that he is working on code that will allow a specific image be displayed when a previous issue is published 
  3. Issues in K2 filtering
    Helvecio has asked Jacques to check an issue in K2 items view when filtering articles. Instead of filtering, user is redirected to he Magazine control panel
  4. Social network hashtag
    As #jcm is a hashtag that is used in different situations that are not related to Joomla or the Joomla Community Magazine, the team is considering changing to another hashtag to better convey the idea of a publication devoted to the Joomla Community.
  5. JCM Team Budget
    The JCM Team is contacting Peter Martin to gather more information on the budget.