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JCM Team Meeting

Date: Sep 8th 2017

Presences: Helvecio da Silva - Jacques Rentzke - Nicky Veitch


  • Editorial Line
  • Getting more authors/more involvement
  • JCM Budget
  • Joomla World Conference attendance
  • JCM Visual Identity
  • JCM Giveaways for events
  • Spanish edition
  • Review the guidelines articles

Editorial Line

  • Contacting Team leaders to be interviewed

  • Promote JED extensions on articles

  • Contact Jay Blaq about writing more articles

  • Contact Ruth about if she promoted her article and if she can write more about the August  

Getting more authors/more involvement

  • - Use this group to motivate authors “Here is the kind of article that JCM believes to be good to publish.” Share what you know, what you are passionate about with the Joomla Community

  • Show in a clear way how to become a contributor DONE - Review content (Helvecio)

  • Section Editors - contributors to look after JCM institutional content

  • Review the About Content

JCM Budget

  • What budget is available for JCM - Jacques will contact Peter

Joomla World Conference attendance

  • Nick is attending

JCM Giveaways for events

  • Mugs
  • Tshirts
  • Stickers

Spanish edition

  • Contact Andrea about how we can help to bring the Spanish back on track
  • Jacques will give specific stats on visitors from spanish speaking country

Review the guidelines articles

  • Create a team to review the guidelines


Planning Forward document - link