By Nicky Veitch on 2019-03-05 23:20 in Community Magazine Team

Date: Tuesday 5 March 2019

Time: UTC 20:00

Attendees: Nicky Veitch, Jacques Rentzke, Daniel Dubois, Elisa Foltyn, Randy Carey

Apologies: Marc Dechèvre, Patrick Jackson, John Rampton

JCM Team Goals

  1. Ensure technical infrastructure is appropriate for now and future
  2. Relaunch the JCM
  3. Increase the number of volunteers in the JCM team
  4. Increase the number of authors
  5. Increase the amount and quality of contributions JCM receives
  6. Increase readership

For more information see planning document: 2019 JCM Relaunch


  1. Welcome and thank you for volunteering.
  2. Initial discussions around Goal 1, JCM platform upgrade plan: 2019 JCM Platform Upgrade

Goal 1: Ensure technical infrastructure is appropriate for now and future

Agreement that we will move ahead with reconfiguring the existing JCM website to remove K2 and use Joomla core.

Initial discussion around whether to:

  1. Migrate all existing content to core; OR
  2. Issues/Articles previous to 2019 will remain in K2. Issues/Articles moving forward will use the new process. Recent Issues/Articles will have their text copied and migrated to the new system.

Discuss: Does this need to be done at the same time? Can it be done as a “Stage 2” at a later date? What are the pros/cons?
PRO: Tidies up the site, less ongoing maintenance
CON: Resource/time intensive - need to consider URL routing for 1000+ existing articles, K2 extra fields, proof each article to ensure it displays correctly in new template. May delay relaunch.


  • Existing comments section may cause difficulties
  • If an existing K2 article includes something like an HTML table - may break layout
  • Consider extra K2 fields, metadata, links
  • Other language editions also contain some extra fields
  • URL routing would have to be worked through
  • EF uses a component which makes the data migration very easy (without comments)

Recommendation: Priority is to get the platform and workflow in place for new author submissions => proofing => publishing. Once this is in place we can work in the sandbox to migrate older content (unless it becomes apparent during the project that there is a reason it must be done at the same time).

Other items of discussion:

  1. Current site is already using the official J! Template - is responsive.
  2. Development needs to occur outside of live site - NV to arrange sandbox.
  3. Need to determine which features on current site should be kept and which to do away with - NV/JR.
  4. Tags vs Custom Fields - EF suggests we need design first.
  5. EF has done a mockup but is busy on J4 project - NV to find a designer.
  6. What existing K2 functionality do we need to set up?
    - Image management - in K2, upload resizes automatically. Not a massive requirement but useful.
    - Display past articles by that author.
    - Author listing with alphabet bar (EF - can do with contact list + override)
  7. Do we need to keep ad spots - should also have discussion with team responsible to work out how much income is coming in and is this worth continuing on with - NV to follow up.
  8. Agreed to set up a project plan in Trello - DD to assist.
  9. Currently each edition requires manual creation of a new module for that month’s authors, that month’s article list. Each edition has individual modules. Develop automated modules - RC.
  10. JR - Recommends basic change to old workflow - currently we have one submission bucket which everyone has access to - authors & up can see. We can limit what they edit but not what they see. Suggest author only sees his own article. Combination of new structure & permissions - different categories/permissions/views.
  11. EF - Regarding workflows, J4 will include this functionality. Recommends we do not put too much effort into developing too much custom for now, as new JCM relaunch will be close to J4 release. Stick to core as much as possible, adapt workflow in J4.
  12. EF - if we create overrides, let’s share it and/or write a JCM article about it.
  13. NV - Ensure JCM is a great publication but also a great working example of what Joomla can do.
  14. NV - Primarily focus on getting English edition up for now. Further language options to follow.
  15. End date - to be determined once project plan is set up and tasks scoped/assigned. This will determine JCM relaunch date.

Agreed to weekly meetings for duration of platform upgrade project - Tuesday UTC 20:00 via Hangouts.

Meeting ends after 1 hour.