By Nicky Veitch on 2019-03-13 23:01 in Community Magazine Team

Date: Tuesday 12 March 2019
Time: UTC 20:00
Attendees: Nicky Veitch, Jacques Rentzke, Daniel Dubois, Randy Carey, Patrick Jackson, Aris Ntatsis
Apologies: Elisa Foltyn, Robert Fairhead

JCM Team Goals:

  1. Ensure technical infrastructure is appropriate for now and future
  2. Relaunch the JCM
  3. Increase the number of volunteers in the JCM team
  4. Increase the number of authors
  5. Increase the amount and quality of contributions JCM receives
  6. Increase readership

For more information see planning document: 2019 JCM Relaunch


  1. Welcome to new volunteers.
  2. Ongoing discussions around Goal 1, JCM platform upgrade plan: 2019 JCM Platform Upgrade

Goal 1: Ensure technical infrastructure is appropriate for now and future

Agreement that we will move ahead with reconfiguring the existing JCM website to remove K2 and use Joomla core.

NV/JR had a discussion prior to meeting to:

  • Review/consolidate existing K2 user groups
  • Review/consolidate existing K2 categories
  • Review/consolidate existing K2 tags


  • Certain categories/tags/user groups were originally configured in J1.5 and migrated up. ACL is not role-based. In some cases ACL/categories/tags were utilised for site management.
  • Goal is to restructure site to implement role-based ACL, custom fields and tags, with a clear view of upcoming J4 Workflow functionality in mind.
  • Tags were used for multiple purposes - to pick info for manual modules “in this issue” and “authors in this issue” module, but also under articles as # ie #GDPR, and language. Review.
  • Agreed that we would continue with existing year/month category per issue.
  • English only for now, look at language/multilingual post re-launch.

Other items of discussion:

  1. NV has received login details for new sandbox and new Github, will set up/arrange access for team members this week.
  2. Webmaster team has advised requirements around using official template and latest version has been supplied.
  3. Currently we do not have a designer. Do not want this to hold up relaunch date, so for the time being we will utilise official template and focus on reconfiguration and module/plugin development based on current layout, and look to “pretty it up” later if resources become available. Possible ideas - hold a “design competition” later in the year after relaunch, or combine visual re-design with J4 upgrade.
  4. Need to revisit meeting time in view of several changes to/from summer time. Some locations have changed this week, some will change in the next 2 weeks. NV to send out new Doodle in coming week to work out best new regular time.
  5. Project end date - to be determined once project plan is set up and tasks scoped/assigned. This will determine JCM relaunch date.

Agreed to weekly meetings for duration of platform upgrade project - next meeting Tuesday 19 March 2019 UTC 20:00 via Hangouts.

Meeting ends after 45 minutes.