By Nicky Veitch on 2019-03-19 23:58 in Community Magazine Team

Date: Tuesday 19 March 2019
Time: UTC 20:00
Attendees: Nicky Veitch, Jacques Rentzke, Mark Bender, Aris Ntatsis, Patrick Jackson
Apologies: Randy Carey, Marc Dechèvre, Elisa Foltyn

JCM Team Goals:

  1. Ensure technical infrastructure is appropriate for now and future
  2. Relaunch the JCM
  3. Increase the number of volunteers in the JCM team
  4. Increase the number of authors
  5. Increase the amount and quality of contributions JCM receives
  6. Increase readership

For more information see planning document: 2019 JCM Relaunch


  1. Welcome to new volunteers.
  2. Discuss alternate proposal to utilise a 3rd-party blog extension.
  3. Ongoing discussions around Goal 1, JCM platform upgrade plan: 2019 JCM Platform Upgrade

Goal 1: Ensure technical infrastructure is appropriate for now and future

  1. Welcome (back) to Mark Bender who has previously been involved with the JCM.
  2. During the week we received a suggestion to consider a particular 3rd party extension for the JCM. The team discussed the pros/cons.
    • 3rd-party extension
      • Pro: Easy. Can import from K2. Has author profiles, AMP, workflow, comments built in. Has been around a long time. JCM could benefit from commercial support system - less ongoing maintenance.
      • Con: Not core. Issues around existing 3rd party extension would still exist.
    • Core
      • Pro: Can achieve everything we need via core, custom fields, overrides & approx. 2-3 custom modules to automate current manual tasks. Goal is to create modules and contribute back to project via JED/core. Purpose of JCM is to highlight how good Joomla is “out of the box”. Showcase. Goal to build with upcoming J4 workflow in mind. Editorialise process to demonstrate how others can achieve blog/magazine with core.
      • Con: Ongoing maintenance. No commercial support. No inbuilt commenting. Will take longer.
    • Points to note:
      • Demo has been provided in 3rd party extension. Still requires some of the same work as core option - overrides, custom modules, redirects.
      • Maintenance - comment “there won’t be a lot of custom, aim to keep minimal”.
      • AMP - comment “Google has done a lot of the legwork, plugins available for core”.
      • Commenting - currently installed commenting will work with core - may need to chat with developer about changing links from K2 articles to core article version. JR to explore other commenting options.
    • Vote taken. Result: Unanimous - continue migration plan from K2 to core. The team are excited for the challenge ahead.
  3. Ongoing JCM platform upgrade discussions:
    • New sandbox and new Github created. NV to provide access.
    • Live site “frozen” with notice about upcoming new launch and login menu unpublished. New work to be done in sandbox.
    • Commenting options (JR to explore options).
    • Redirects of K2 to core can be achieved using RegularLabs ReReplacer (PJ to manage). This will be worked on as “stage 2” after relaunch.
    • Consider Clickup as project management tool (allows assignment of tasks) (PJ).

Next meeting Tuesday 26 March 2019 UTC 20:00 via Hangouts.
Meeting ends after 1 hour.