By Crystal Dionysopoulos on 2022-10-07 12:00 in Joomla Experience Team


Scheduled duration: 60min

Duration: 1hr 20min

Participants: Crystal Dionysopoulos (Acting Team Lead), Angie Radke, Peter Martin, Milos Wojaczek, Elisa Foltyn, Robert Deutz (CMS Maintenance Liaison), Harald Leithner

Absent: Benjamin Trenkle (PLT Liaison)

Agenda Items & Minutes


  • Status of Q3 Goals
    • Get team official - ON TRACK - on the agenda for the OSM meeting today
      (update as of Friday Oct 7: JXT has been approved as an official team)
    • Role-based Personas - IN PROGRESS, move to Q4
    • Cleaning up old issues - IN PROGRESS in cooperation with CMS Maintainers Team and Joomla Bug Squad, move to Q4
    • Map Joomla ecosystem - NOT STARTED, move to Q4
    • Provide guidance for new template RFP - UNKNOWN, move to Q4
  • Define Q4 Goals
  • Define internal process for tasks and issues that JXT has been asked to review

Decisions Made

  • Q4 goals:
    • Vote on official team lead and assistant lead
    • Continue cleaning up old issues - move to a GitHub Project
      (update as of Friday Oct 7: issues have been moved to a GitHub project for easier collaboration with other teams, goal complete)
    • Define UX inconsistencies in current Joomla version
    • Finish defining personas
    • Validate persona assumptions with user research
    • Map Joomla ecosystem
    • Define scope for new template
  • Internal GH Review Process:
    • Task defined / JXT tagged in issue or PR
    • Github auto-assigns 2 JXT members at random; issue gets added to JXT Review project
    • Assigned members review or consult with the rest of the JXT to approve or request changes as necessary

Next Steps

  • Move issues from google spreadsheet to GH project for easier cross-team collaboration 
    (update as of Friday Oct 7: issues have been moved to a GitHub project for easier collaboration with other teams, goal complete)
  • Elect official JXT Team lead - candidates must stand up by Oct 11
  • Finish proto-personas
  • Schedule optional team workshop for existing UX inconsistencies
  • Next meeting topics —
    • discuss overall team strategy for long-term improvements
    • Go over Q4 goal status