By Crystal Dionysopoulos on 2022-11-04 08:45 in Joomla Experience Team

Scheduled duration: 90min

Duration: 120min


In Attendance: Crystal Dionysopoulos (Team Lead), Peter Martin (Assistant Team Lead), Angie Radke, Mark Fleeson, Benjamin Trenkle, Harald Leithner (5.0 Release manager), Olivier Buisard (4.3 release manager)

Absent: Milosz Wojaczek, Elisa Foltyn, Niels Braczek (Architecture Liaison), Shirielle Williams (4.3 Release manager), Robert Deutz (CMS Maintenance Liaison)


  1. Team goals and tasks — prioritizing tasks, long term goals
    1. Q4 goals in good shape - 50% done, 50% in progress
    2. Team requested more direct assignment of tasks and priorities from Crystal
    3. High collaboration needed between other teams in Joomla on projects
  2. JXT sprint?
    1. Possibly next year in the spring
  3. New JED - need additional support for design and accessibility
  4. (and other sites) update
    1. Will be done in working group/sub team of JXT
    2. First step: strategy for subdomains and site map; streamline it all
    3. Additional questions shared by Harald, copied into issue in team github repository