By Crystal Dionysopoulos on 2022-11-25 08:50 in Joomla Experience Team

Scheduled duration: 60min

Duration: 60min

Participants: Crystal Dionysopoulos (Team Lead), Peter Martin (Assistant Team Lead), Angie Radke, Jarron White, Yuusuf Oladipo, Benjamin Trenkle (PLT Liaison), Niels Braczek (Architecture Liaison), Shirielle Williams(4.3 Release manager)

Absent: Elisa Foltyn, Milosz Wojaczek, Mark Fleeson, Robert Deutz (CMS Maintenance Liaison), Harald Leithner (Operations Liaison), Olivier Buisard (4.3 release manager)


  1. Welcome Jarron and Yuusuf to the team!!
  2. Three projects right now:
    • JWEB
      redesign + restructure
    • JED4
      The new Joomla Extension Directory (current one: )
    • J5UX
      Improve UX in Joomla CMS itself (v4 and future v5)
  3. Who wants to work on what?
    • JWEB:
      • Peter
      • Angie
      • Jarron
      • Will take an agile approach to doing new structure and design on a backup of the live site
      • Peter will ask Harald for a backup
      • Crystal will ask Phil for who wants to be on the project from Marketing
    • JED4: TBD - will discuss in channel
    • J5UX: TBD - will discuss in channel
  4. Will set an ongoing date for team meetings in order to make scheduling easier