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December 2018
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 Become a Global Events Fund Working Group Member.

The Global Events Fund Working Group has been created as a new sponsorship initiative for JoomlaDays. We need people you are willing to commit to work on this new program and help us to improve this new sponsorship program to all related Joomla! Events around the world.


  • Polite, friendly, clear communication at all times (including on personal social media)
  • Check your email at least daily and respond to anything that needs action.
  • Attend team meetings or give advance notice for absence. If two or more meetings are missed without apologies you will be moved to the “honour roll”.

We are looking for specific skills and expertise related to sponsorship, Finance, Fundraising, Public relation and Marketing.

  • Public Relations (prepare Press Releases, Social Media)
  • Sponsor Relations (responsible to find sponsors, fundraisers)
  • Events Team Liaison (responsible to connect with Events Team and outreach to Event Organizers)
  • Finance Review (responsible to check budgets and process financial requests, liaison  with Treasurer)
  • Marketer (responsible to prepare marketing materials)

Please fill out the member application form if you are interested in being a member of the Global Events Fund Working Group.

Thank you.

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