By Private Profile c2e15406 on 2015-10-01 00:00 in Joomla X Architecture

Minutes of meeting by : George wilson

Attending: George Wilson, Robert Deutz, Robert Deutz, Nicholas Dionysopoulos, Allon Moritz, Marco Dings

Subject of Discussion:

1. Discussion of the first draft of the ORM at . Several issues have been raised (as to be expected for a new draft) most importantly eager loading.

2. Discussion of the new renderer system with JLayouts including Blade and Twig and how things will integrate with JForms

3. Allon has closed his first draft of the Container into the Application ( due to the issues raised in the PR. He will start to work on a second version fixing the issues raised.

4. George has raised two PR's fixing unit tests against the pythag repo and three other's starting on converting Joomla packages to framework equivalents. This also involved a framework fix to the database package ( Actions Items:

1. All Athens attendees will send Marco details on their aims for the Athens code sprint so that a formal agenda can be drawn up.

2. Nic will start to work on using JForms in new MVC systems.

3. We will have a meeting next Wednesday at the usual time.

4. Allon will create a second draft for integrating the Container into the framework Application