By Marco Dings on 2015-11-18 00:00 in Joomla X Architecture

J!4 architecture 2015/11/18

x  Allon Moritz x  Chris Davenport    Daniele Rosario
x  Dimitris Grammatiko    George Wilson x  Marco Dings
x  Niels Braczek x  Paul Delbar x  Robert Deutz
   Danielle Rossario        

Doodle did not give a better slot for the meeting, marco contact people personally and setup a new doodle, maybe its to optimistic to to think we can get all in on meeting. Maybe 2 alternating weekly slots is an option

Nicholas has resigned from the working group. He will be truely missed

Crystal has resigned from the UX team, we had a meeting at which not all could attend. We will reschedule. Crystal is commited to finishing the minutes and handing over the reigns.

Meeting minutes of the athens sprint are pending. The challenge has been extended to all members of ux team to complement the google doc with the information from the flipovers

Mediamanager for J3.6 and 4 is at a stalemate, dimitris & jisse. There seem to be multiple disconnected initiatives
Marco to arrange meeting with jisse, dimitris, Niels Nueble, Marco

Joomla!4 progress over the last weeks was hampered by Joomla3.5, Joomla World conference, Testsprint and turmoil in the community

Niels B : ased on the work started during the Automated Testing sprint in Karlsruhe recently, I'm currently moving the existing testbase to CodeCeption. This is needed to do provide integration and system tests, that ensure, that the API changes keep minimal.

Allon M: working on Dependancy injection

Chris D, focus on J4 presention

Chris D to contact Viraj Khatavkar on participating, following his presentation on architecture

Applications for participating in documentation received by Hagen Graf and Franz Wohlkönig

Dimitris G: To be discussed with UX, current templates do not suffice anymore. Legistation is requiring accessibility support
This should be taken up by UX team and accessibility working group. including the implications for J3.x