By Niels Braczek on 2016-05-05 16:14 in Joomla X Architecture

The Doctrine storage handler is making progress (PR#85).

Development of the first horizontal component (Workflow) has started. It will add a state field (publish, unpublish, archive, trash, publish_up, and publish_down) to a vertical component.

For the creation of API and CLI entry points, a test environment was set up using Docker and Behat. It will get published after the Behat tests have been moved to the new Codeception 2.2, which now also supports Gherkin (an executable feature description language).

Templates First

The Architecture Group agreed on, that it would be nice to present something more visual in Barcelona (Spain). It would improve the acceptance of the clean base approach, if it was able to demonstrate the support of Bootstrap 4 and another framework, for example Foundation.

Because there are only two weeks left until J and Beyond, it is not possible to have both API/CLI and templating in a presentable state for the conference. Since there is a great interest from the community in support of different Javascript frameworks, the team decided to give it a higher priority, and to postpone the API and CLI access until after JaB.

Informal Gathering

We are planning an informal gathering on Thursday afternoon or evening to showcase, discuss and educate. If you are interested, please contact Niels Braczek or Marco Dings via the portal or Glip. We will then send you an invitation with the details, once we have figured out where and when exactly.

The Joomla! 4 Architecture Team