Joomla! X Working Groups umbrella. Voluntary but not without responsibilities and consequences. The Joomla! X Working Group is dedicated to people contributing to making a minimal viable product for Joomla! X that will be the best contemporary CMS with a cutting edge architecture and one of a kind user experience

Date Started
May 2015
Date Ended
March 2019
Joomler Position Role Date Started Date Ended Robert Deutz Germany Member Architecture, Generic Functionalities Jun 2015 Mar 2019
Private Profile c35d5c92 Member Webservices, Generic fuctionality Jun 2015 Mar 2019
Private Profile 60f01f57 Member UX /UI Dec 2015 Mar 2019 Niels Braczek Germany Assistant Team Leader Architecture, Generic Functionalities Jun 2015 Mar 2019 Marco Dings Netherlands Team Leader Generic fuctionality May 2015 Mar 2019 George Wilson United Kingdom Member Builder and breaker of code May 2015 Mar 2019 Chris Davenport United Kingdom Member Architecture, Webservices May 2015 Mar 2019
Private Profile c533cac4 Member data provider Jun 2015 Dec 2016
Private Profile 93368c92 Member Generic fuctionality May 2015 Jun 2016
Private Profile 5cbbffcf Member Architecture Jun 2015 Dec 2015
Private Profile 3aaed27d Member Generic Functionalities Aug 2015 Dec 2015 Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos Greece Member Architecture, Code Quality, Generic Functionalities May 2015 Dec 2015 Crystal Dionysopoulos Greece Member UX /UI Jun 2015 Nov 2015
Private Profile 2acc0fde Member Architecture, Code Quality May 2015 Oct 2015
Private Profile ede9a971 Member archtecture, TDD, PM Jun 2015 Jul 2015

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