Joomla! X Working Groups umbrella. Voluntary but not without responsibilities and consequences. The Joomla! X Working Group is dedicated to people contributing to making a minimal viable product for Joomla! X that will be the best contemporary CMS with a cutting edge architecture and one of a kind user experience

Date Started
May 2015
Date Ended
March 2019
Joomler Position Role Date Started Date Ended
robert-deutz.png Robert Deutz Germany Member Architecture, Generic Functionalities Jun 2015 Mar 2019
5ecc_niels-braczek.jpg Niels Braczek Germany Assistant Team Leader Architecture, Generic Functionalities Jun 2015 Mar 2019
marco-dings.jpg Marco Dings Netherlands Team Leader Generic fuctionality May 2015 Mar 2019
kristijan-ZivCec.jpg Kristijan Živčec Croatia Member Webservices, Generic fuctionality Jun 2015 Mar 2019
2dc6_work-photo.jpg George Wilson United Kingdom Member Builder and breaker of code May 2015 Mar 2019
422a_cliff-pfeifer.jpg Cliff Pfeifer United States Member UX /UI Dec 2015 Mar 2019
e012_chris-davenport.png Chris Davenport United Kingdom Member Architecture, Webservices May 2015 Mar 2019
jessica-dunbar.jpeg Jessica Dunbar Member data provider Jun 2015 Dec 2016
41d3_daniele-rosario.jpg Daniele Rosario Italy Member Generic fuctionality May 2015 Jun 2016
7995_viktor-vogel-2017-1000x1000-clean-plesk.jpg Viktor Vogel Germany Member Generic Functionalities Aug 2015 Dec 2015
nicholas-k._dionysopoulos.jpg Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos Member Architecture, Code Quality, Generic Functionalities May 2015 Dec 2015
herman-peeren.jpg Herman Peeren Netherlands Member Architecture Jun 2015 Dec 2015
b4be_profilepic.jpg Crystal Dionysopoulos Greece Member UX /UI Jun 2015 Nov 2015
e20b_jwc17_smile.jpg Michael Babker United States Member Architecture, Code Quality May 2015 Oct 2015
7872_andrew-eddie.jpg Andrew Eddie Australia Member archtecture, TDD, PM Jun 2015 Jul 2015

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