By Roberto Longo on 2017-07-04 09:30 in JWC 2017 - Italian Outreach

Participants: Davide Messia, Pasquale Viscanti, Luca Marzo, Roberto Longo, Tiziano Testa



The meeting starts with a series of questions:

What tools do we have? What resources do we have at our disposal? (, joomladay, joomlaforum, mailchimp, etc ...)

The target is about 700 participants → How to reach the target through marketing operations?


Luca makes a brief introduction of the JWC explaining how the JWC team is organized and which is our role in JWC organization.

The JWC is Joomla's most important worldwide event  and this year for the first time in Italy. This must be a cause of pride for us but also an opportunity to show that the Italian community is present.


The event will be mainly in English (and this may be a problem for our audience) for some speech there will be simultaneous translations.

Institutional channels are mainly in English and are not enough to involve the Italian side, Tiziano suggests to use also other channels to reach more people.


Question: Do we have the budget to spend? Eg for adwords?

Answer: I don’t think so (but it's better to ask Rowan)


We all agree that the first audience to contact are the Italian JUGs and the Joomla Associations.


We assigned the following tasks:

  • Luca → keep the contacts with the JUGs

  • Davide → keep the contacts with the JoomlaVeneto Association (which is already in contact with other Italian Associations)

  • Roberto → keep the contacts with the JoomlaLombardia Association

  • Alex→ keep the contacts with


We will provide to the different groups (associations, jugs, etc...) the press releases in HTML format (so every group can adapt them according their needs)