By Roberto Longo on 2017-10-28 20:49 in JWC 2017 - Italian Outreach

Attendees: Luca Marzo, Davide Messia, Donato Matturro, Roberto Longo

Minutes of meeting:

Schools contacts

We contacted several schools in Rome. Still no feedback received. We have to recontact them using a more "incisive" email (less detailed and easier to understand). After sending emails it would be better to make a phone call as followup. Task: Roberto will prepare the emails and will contact the schools by phone. Davide offered his help to complete this task.

JUG and Association / Partnerships

Donato and Luca have already contacted all the JUGs and Joomla Associations. With Rowan they are working on partnerships. Task: Tomorrow Donato will start a Google Adwords campain.

Volunteer for Italian talk recording

We are looking for a reliable volunteer that will help in recording Italian talks. No thechnical skill needed (he/she will be trained, but the operation of the video kit is pretty simple). English knowledge required. At the moment we found only people that gave disponibility for 2-3 talks only. It would be better to find one volunteer for all the talks. Task: Donato is confident to find a reliable volunteer for this task.