Joomla! is the worlds 2nd largest Content Management System. The Joomla software is purely Open Source (GPL v2.0) created by volunteers from around the world. As an all-volunteer non-profit organization, Joomla is managed through working groups staffed by members of the Joomla Community.

The Legal Working Group is tasked with helping the Board sustain the legal health of the project. This includes licensing of the business and the software, deal making and contracting, risk management and resolving claims and disputes. While the tasks are infrequent, when we have issues we need a variety of resources from business people that can help negotiate and review contracts, to volunteers with legal training that provide assistance in minimizing our formal legal costs, particularly in countries other than the U.S..

This working group is organized in two sub-teams. One being Contributors located around the world that will be on-call to assist us with document translations and learning about local business customs and regulations. The other sub-team are Members that are willing to meet regularly and devote hours each month to actively participating in forming legal relationships, contracting and monitoring legal compliance.

Legal & Finance
Date Started
September 2015
Joomler Position Role Date Started Date Ended Soren Jensen Spain Contributor Department Coordinator Apr 2017 Jan 2021
Private Profile 906f4347 Team Leader Business Adviser Sep 2015 Jan 2021
Private Profile 814f7b40 Assistant Team Leader Legal Adviser Sep 2017 Jan 2021
Private Profile 9ffb3741 Member Sep 2015 Sep 2017
Private Profile 037271f8 Member Nov 2016 Sep 2017

Business Adviser

Team Member with background in business and entering and negotiating contracts et. al.

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Department Coordinator

Legal & Finance department coordinator

Legal Adviser

Team Member with background in legal / law from an educational point and with working experience.

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Looking for volunteers

By Soren Jensen on 2017-04-07 10:04 in Legal Working Group

No meeting has been held. The Legal Working Group is looking for volunteers with Legal experience. 

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We are actively seeking both lawyers and business people with a background in law, business contracting, and/or open source software licensing who would like to volunteer to help a thriving global community. (Bar membership / license to practice is NOT required.)

Being multi-lingual and able to help us with legal notice and document translation is a plus. We offer a great community with knowledge and experience about implementing and enforcing Open Source licenses and with unique opportunities to benefit millions of CMS users around the world (and at the same time enhance your resume.)

To learn more or to apply for group membership, please email and include some background information, a profile of your knowledge areas and how you would like to be involved with this group.

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