By Sandra Decoux on 2020-05-01 06:49 in Marketing Local Community Liaison

Tabata, Sandra and Eric launched on April 4th a Google Ads campaign to promote the Downloads site.
The campaign has been set up in 8 languages. The English, Spanish and French campaigns have also Responsive search ad set up.

Here are some first stats, from April 4th to April 20th.

Clicks and Impressions

Number of clicks per campaign

Number of visitors on the site

The campaigns allowed to increase the number of users visiting the site compared to the previous period. Paid search represents approx 20% of all users.

Due to our limited budget, it’s a good result.
English campaign has a budget 2.5 higher than the other campaigns.


Unfortunately, we cannot have an idea of the increase of the number of downloads. Apparently, something wrong has been done on the site:

  • On April 16th, the number of downloads were 113 millions.
  • On April 22nd, the number of downloads went back to 112 millions.

The stats on this doc stop on April 20th.
On April 21st, the Department was informed by Google of an issue with the Credit card, therefore Google suspended the campaigns.
Unfortunately, this problem has still not been resolved by the Joomla leaders in charge of financial questions.