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Meeting minutes

30 Jan 2020 / 16:00 CET / google hangouts



  1. github
  2. meeting frequency and best times
  3. working groups
  4. how can you contribute?


  • Jonathan, advised on communicating important items like meetings via email to all volunteers.
  • We discussed GIT as a project management tool and agreed to having the projects there because transparency is important. Also using the wiki to add important know how, definitions and existing strategies for people to have easy access to this.
  • We discussed using working groups as a definition of the teams, but Rowan advised on changing it to sub-teams since this has been used in the past and is established.
  • Team leaders should be voted in and they need to be listed in the volunteers portal as well as the rest of the team members.
  • We went through github to be used as a project management tool for important tasks to be listed in the projects created
  • To be able to sign up to a sub-team the positions will be listed  in the volunteers portal
  • Rowan will go through the process with Jonathan on how to create positions in the volunteers portal and on how to list the volunteers assigned to each group
  • We discussed that the multilanguage team is important
  • Onboarding to new teams and procedures should be in the wiki.
  • There was an idea to create an organizational diagram because there are many teams and sub-teams but not clear on how they are organized
  • Also and idea to have a style guide for naming conventions for the projects
  • David mentions that a separate glip channel should be created for each sub-team
  • Once the sub-teams have been organized with respective projects in github an email invite should be sent to all contributors to participate and sign up

Action Items

  1.  Create positions in volunteers portal
  2. Organize projects in github
  3. Create organizational diagram of teams and subteams
  4. Create style-guide for naming conventions