By Private Profile d6cc97ac on 2020-06-23 17:49 in Marketing Team

Meeting minutes

16 June 2020 / 15:00 CET / google hangouts


  1. Joomla 4 Marketing team update
  2. Elastic Mail Referal program banner in newsletters
  3. Videos in RenderForest


  • Assited: Andrea Gentil, Josean Telleria, Helvecio Da Silva
  • Josean gave an update of joomla 4 newsletter. Template has been agreed on and it has been worked on. He discussed needing more helping hands to produce the newsletter
  • An area in the newsletter will be assigned for general Joomla news, and another area for Joomla 3.9.x will be assigned since these newsletter have stopped going out. This will continue to focus of items that need to be put out, but will also require less effort.
  • Helvecio will help Jossean with newsletter and he will learn how to use the templating tool.
  • Jossean is also trying to produce videos, and he will explore using credits from RenderForest to produce some videos for Joomla 4 launch.
  • An idea that will be discussed further of making a video from volunteer clips was discussed by Helvecio.

Action Items

  1.  Add banner from elastic mail
  2. Finish up Newsletter template
  3. Team up with Helvecio to edit newsletters
  4. Check RenderForest account