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Meeting minutes

02 July 2020 / 17:30 CET / google hangouts


  1. Presentation from Marianela Queme
  2. Goals and Strategy
  3. Launching Joomla 4 Strategy
  4. Channels and Approach
  5. Team and way of working
  6. Questions and Ideas


  1. Assited: Andrea Gentil, Joe Sonne, Richard Gosler, Troy Hall, David Steadson, Laura Gordon, Alison Meeks, Ahmad Moussa, Eric Lamy, Marco Dings, Marianela Queme
  2. Presentation From Marianela Queme, as Assistant Team lead of the Marketing team and Assistant Team Coordinator for the Joomla Marketing department.
  3. Points presented:
    • Strategy: Increase Brand positioning, As Joomla we want the Joomla CMS to be in the minds of people when they think of building a website. Launching Joomla 4, We need to get the word out about the new version of Joomla and why people should be using this new version. Increase Software downloads, this will lead to increased software popularity and more website visits. Working on getting more sponsors. Working on getting more volunteers but also nurturing our current sponsors and current volunteers
    • Launching Joomla 4 is one of the marketing team's most important goal at the moment. Ee need to have a strategy that will inform the public about releases by having a unified message and branding. We also need to encourage new users. And we need to encourage volunteers to participate in testing the beta releases, and bug squashing.

      By promoting our new product, we need to run polls and questionnaires to find out who the Joomla users are and what are the most wanted features. This will help the production team to build a software with a clear target audience in mind.
    • Channels: Social Media, Newsletter, Magazine. We need to have a unified strategy that will deliver the right message to the right target audience, as well as a unified branding so we are consistent as a brand. Importantly, we need to measure our efforts to find out if these campaigns are effective. Analysis of the measurements will help us reach a bigger audience, gain better insights about our users and followers, but also, it should help to increase revenue if we plan to target potential sponsors. I discussed the idea of having a space in the Newsletter for sponsors, so they can be showcased appropriately.

      New channels: I raise the question of relaunching some of our channels like youTube, but also explore new channels like Medium and certification programs in sites like Udemy and Coursera. This can help us reach new audiences and potential new users of the Joomla software. I also raise the question of monetising current channels like Facebook and youTube. Is this something that can bring revenue to Joomla?

    • Team: Within the team we have very hard working people that are making things happen, but also we have too many subteams that have no real direction. I discuss the idea of having a one team as the marketing department that will work together based on campaigns built with a strategy and an audience in mind, and working with executing and measuring these campaigns in order to have real values that will give us better insight about the efforts of the marketing team.
  1. Questions and Ideas from the team: After the presentation the team brought some great additions:
    • Training services was discussed by Richard and Laura added that the Educational & Outreach team is already making efforts in this department. We agreed that the marketing team should be involved so we can help with bringing the message across once they are ready with a proposal. Their next meeting is on July 17th which I will be attending to understand how the marketing team can help with their efforts.
    • Research: David as head of the research team wants to know what will the best way to approach Joomla users would be in order to survey them about their use of Joomla. We all agree that because GDPR this is a difficult process, however in the USA this might be easier. We also discussed the idea of running polls in Social media channels and to have a banner within the newsletter to encourage readers who are already using Joomla to participate in filling out surveys to help the project.

      Collecting data: we have the google analytics to look into and the facebook account to look into for statistics.
    • Bringing back the YouTube Channel: This is a topic we need to discuss further. There are about 15k subscribers in the channel and Joomla can monetise it to bring in some revenue. 
    • Facebook: Facebook has about 24k subscribers, how can this channel be monetised to bring in revenue to Joomla project?
    • Sponsors: At the moment the marketing team is not doing much to bring in new sponsors. Alison discussed that she is working on preparing the thank you posts to the current sponsors and many of them have become inactive. We need to discuss this further to make the Joomla project attractive to new sponsors. Joe made a great point that the project can only be attractive to sponsors if they can make money from Joomla. The open question arose: How can someone make money with Joomla? which is a new topic for a marketing strategy to bring in new sponsors.
    • Some ideas revolving trends and making money with Joomla:
      • working from home
      • side gigs
      • building websites
      • Joomla training
      • What are current Joomla website users doing with Joomla, and how can we showcase interviews to encourage new users. Laura personally has been interviewed and a post for this is pending.

Action Items

  1. We need to start working with unified campaigns
  2. We need to have a standard branding across all channels
  3. Research team needs access to Google Analytics and Facebook analytics. other channels?
  4. YouTube Channel, discussion on new videos to showcase
  5. Monetising current channels
  6. Discuss new channels