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Marketing & Communication Department Team Lead Meeting Agenda
Date: July 14 2020

Attendees: Josean Telleria, Andrea Gentil, Sandra Decoux, Alison Meeks, Richard Gossler, Dror Lamdan, Marco Dings, Helvecio "Elvis" da Silva

Points discussed:

  1. Budget (MQ)
  2. Way of working (MQ)
  3. Website (MQ)
  4. NewsLetter template (MQ)
  5. Shop (MQ)
  6. Statistics (MQ)
  7. Defining the future of Joomla - polls and surveys in social media (MQ)
  8. Campaigns for Joomla 4 brand positioning (MQ)
  9. Campaigns for Joomla 4 releases (MQ)
  10. Summary of activities by July 13th of the Joomla 4 team


We have been assigned USD 13,800.00
Most of this budget will be assigned to Joomla 4 and for targeted add campaigns. Thinking that the social media team can benefit from some target add campaigns revolving joomla 4.

Way of working:

Please everyone take a minute to look at

The points in bold should be our marketing goals and campaigns that are launched should have one of these goals in mind.

Teams and subTeams: Because our main goal is the launch of joomla 4. I feel that having little subteams for various things in the volunteers portal is not very effective. I see the Liaisons team as something needed because this group mainly communicates things. It was defined that the Joomla 4 team will continue to work as they have but will include more volunteers in the contributors channel so people can help with other items needed as well.

Working methodology:

I suggest we work in an agile way sprint driven way so we can have a clear way of doing things. We can use the private github board for this, and have 2 week sprints, with a biweekly meeting, where we get together to define the new sprint tasks.

Campaign driven: As mentioned we need to be campaign driven. In order to start with this. I will be creating a document we can fill in to define the campaign, where we can have the goal, the target audience, the strategy the workflow and the measurements. 


I know the joomla 4 group is working on a landing page. But we also need to have a look at our current website. it is a huge task to tackle and the entire Joomla community feels this is a marketing effort. Can  I have your thoughts on this?


Newsletter template:

The last newsletter I heard was sent out without the first defined template, and the template that was built was not really a template. Josean fixed some issues regarding the template.


There are efforts from the VET team to release some products. For this we need a shop admin: Richard has signed up for this. Richard Gossler has been assigne shop manager and will be taking the tasks of promoting the shop and uploading products


We have been given access to the Google analytics So the market research team will be working to making sense of this to improve our marketing efforts.

Social media team, Mention of UTM Tags to help the research team better.