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Marketing & Communication Department Team Lead Meeting Agenda
Date Aug-04-2020


    Sandra Decoux, Allison Meeks, Richard Gossler, David steadson excused himself, Hans van der Meer
    1. Agenda Items:Joomla 4 landing page (MQ)
    2. Website (MQ)
    3. Video assets providers (MQ)
    4. Joomla 15th anniversary (MQ)
    5. Market research team (MQ)
    6. Defining the future of Joomla - polls and surveys in social media (MQ)
    7. Announcements

 Joomla 4 landing page:

This discussion was brought up for discussion about the landing page being built with a tailwind by Roberto Segura [] . However this was only discussed in the board and never approved. 

Further discussion has been made as we need to make a decision and start working on the landing page for the launch of joomla 4. The response to this from the board is that using third party components is not something recommended by the board since they think its best to promote a landing page of jooma 4 with joomla 4 as it is without any 3rd party components.

So we are left with no one to build this landing page.  Marco Dings,  however has proposed a possible team to take this challenge, and possibly also work on the website. 

A call for volunteers from our team to come forward was made in this meeting, if they thing they have the skills to help with this task. There are a few volunteers who want to contribute and don't yet have assigned tasks, so the possibility of working on something great may be this.

For, marketing can have (and should have) a say on what the design should look like, so we can propose a design for it to be approved. So having said this, Josean has proposed a few changes to the .org website. We need to have further discussions on this, so we can come up with a design we can all agree on.

For the video assets needed to create the Joomla 4 launch video(s) Josean has proposed "Envanto Elements" who have an extensive library of fresh videos we can use for this promotion only, as to not affect our current partners. Already Josean has explored both partners, 123RF and RenderForest, and one is extremely expensive and they are not providing us with the sufficient credits needed for videos, and render forest, has limited outdated videos. Marianela will make a petition for this subscription to be made.

Joomla 15th anniversary (MQ)

Video will go out on a Friday August 14 2020
T-shirt design for shop was launched
Discount of 15 % on store will go out on the 17th

Media posts to be arranged by Richard with social media team. 

These are suggestions, it might change as they are organized

1 with video, lets try to encourage people retweet as much as possible. 
1 post with birthday wished
1 post about discount starting on the 17th and lasting 2 weeks
and some posts reminding people about x day of discount left.

Market research team 

Would also like to start discussions measuring campaigns.

Defining the future of Joomla - polls and surveys in social media

Social media team, one of the tasks of the market research team is to be able to understand the users of joomla in order to be able to define what the future of the joomla CMS is. I would like to start talks about this so something can be planned.

there has been a lot of talk about putting forms in the cms to gather data for example but people don't like that.we also have access to google analytics and we can get a lot of demographic data from there for example that can help with this...but one thing that has not been discussed is polling people in social media and surveys. I think this is a great place to start this kind of research.

The team mention ideas revolving this item which are important to continue in the research team:

Alisson is awaiting confirmation for posting a survey from Eoin who is working on the Template Directory team and the info from that looks like it would be helpful for this team as well. She will keep us posted about the details of this and Marianela will reach the team to discuss this idea and see if more questions can be added.

Sandra shared previous experience doing a survey for GSoC a couple of years ago (using a Google Form, as the social media tools for survey are really not the one to use to keep track of things). In the research they wanted to know what people wanted to see in Joomla. It was really helpful and they used the answers to put in place the GSoC project, and it's how we ended for example with the project of a page builder for J4. She is open to sharing her knowledge on this with the research team.



Marianela has decided to run for Marketing and Communications Department Coordinator. And continue to volunteer into trying to better organize activities and efforts in this department.

Second announcement is that a team leader is needed so a call to step forward or nomenees, a post about this will be made.