By Philip Walton on 2022-03-16 09:58 in Marketing Team

Duration: 0 h 40 minutes


Phil Walton, Louise Hawkins


1. PW welcomed LH to her first Marketing Meeting and showed LH the drive folders. LH still had difficulty accessing them using the so had to add LH directly even though LH is in the group, something to investigate.

2. We went through the landing page and talked about the need to make it as accessible as possible. LH to revisit the colours proposed and we both agreed the graphics are great but the colours need rethinking. Perhaps a combination of the yellow and blue would give more contrast and be better to read. LH to produce several mockups to share with the group so we can chose a scheme to last until 5

3. Urgent jobs were discussed and LH agreed to look into the details I had already posted into the group to make an image for the OSM site to replace the old 3.9 one.

We did not discuss point 4 on our agenda (tools) as there was little point with the two of us and the meeting closed after 40 minutes

Next Marketing team meeting is scheduled for Tuesday. March 29, 17:00 UTC