By Louise Hawkins on 2022-05-16 09:14 in Marketing Team

Marketing Minutes May 10th, 2022

Tuesday 10th May 2022 UTC 17:00 BST 18.00

Duration:1 Hour
Participants: Phil Walton, Louise Hawkins, Tom van der Laan.
Apologies: Andrew Barber, Mark Fleeson

1. Review of the last meetings minutes:

2. Event Merchandise – Banner and stickers have been delivered. Just the redirect to be set up on the URL. So far Tom has been able to provide the best pricing for event merchandise and following the meeting has offered co-worker access to his account (much appreciated). LH is responsible for the budget and will look to get more items into production soon.

3. Joomla 4 Landing Page – In progress.

4. Social Media Graphics/Graphics General – LH is currently compiling a marketing bible that details procedures, requirements, and templating instructions for graphic production. The current PSD templates will be reviewed, grouped by use/action e.g., announcements, elections, releases, etc then incorporated into the new artwork production system. Also required is the addition of a prefix for PSD and suffix for png/jpeg in the filename when exporting and saving. This is to prevent overwriting previous artwork. Detailed instructions will be included in the bible.

5. Joomla Shop – LH to investigate the Joomla store, is it currently accepting orders, available shipping destinations etc… LH to contact Richard Gosler to find out more. The shop and merchandise make for good evergreen regular social media content.

6. PR - Press Pack. The Press Pack should contain logos and guidelines along with a selection of images; the more we offer the more likely it will be used. LH to have a look to see what we can put together. Any ideas welcome. In progress

8. Sign up to Newsletter – From version 4.2 it is hoped all new install emails to the administrator will include a sign up to newsletter option.

9. Marketing General – Ideas discussed around a Joomla London event for next year, also discussed marketing campaign/competitions to involve Joomla users, PW suggested an ‘I Love Joomla Campaign’ which has been suggested by others before but now we have the people power to do it, whereby users can send in pictures from around the world, great idea. The budget is available to provide prizes for users such as power banks, and etched glassware. Possibly tie in some of these ideas with Joomla’s next Birthday in August?


I am delighted to inform everyone that Tom van der Laan has agreed to be Assistant Marketing Lead. Tom has already made huge contributions to the marketing team, and I look forward to working with him. Thank you, Tom!

The next Marketing Team meeting is scheduled for Tuesday. May 24th, 17:00 UTC 18:00 BST