By Louise Hawkins on 2022-07-11 08:59 in Marketing Team

Tuesday 24th May 2022 UTC 17:00 BST 18.00
Duration:1 Hour
Participants: Phil Walton, Louise Hawkins, Tom van der Laan, Andrew Barber

1. Review of the last meetings minutes:

2. Marketing Team Artwork production Bible - LH currently compiling a central document to systemise the production of artwork to ensure correct templates are being used etc. LH is liaising with SD with regard to social media graphics. The document will contain links to relevant template folders along with the instruction video Tom made. Status in progress: Priority High

3. Social Media Graphics - Sandra has advised that there are lots of social media images that need updating with the new templates. There are several folders organised by theme, such as Developer, JED, Showcase, Training etc… I think in the first they need checking through to see which are still relevant, for example, the training graphics all relate to Joomla 3? The JED graphics quote 7900 extensions, is this figure up-to-date and so on. Also, some folders don’t have the original PSD and subsequent image? Those instances provide an opportunity to perhaps source a new image.

After which I think the best way forward is to create a clear brief so that the work can be split out between the team members (or those that have access to PS, and AI) We can use the same process Tom introduced and have one document with multiple sized artboards, these graphics won’t need to be updated like the release graphics and use more pixel-based imagery so these would probably be best left as PSD’s. If anyone has any comments please let me know. Status: LH to provide brief to team:

4. Google Summer of Code - PW has advised that ad hoc graphics will be required.

5. Joomla Shop – The Joomla shop is active, I placed an order and it was an easy process. Spoke to Richard Gosler who was managing the shop, Brexit made it difficult to use a UK supplier which is why it is currently split into two entities for the EU and USA, fulfilment is by Spreadshirt. Richard would be interested in looking at the shop again. The shop and merchandise make for good evergreen regular social media content.

6. PR - Press Pack. The Press Pack should contain logos and guidelines along with a selection of images; the more we offer the more likely it will be used. LH to have a look to see what we can put together. Priority: High LH to action ASAP

8. Persona Questionaire - This will go into the June issue of the community magazine. The copy needed to be extended a little and graphics will also be required.

9. Joomla! Birthday – Joomla will be 17 on the 17th of August 2022.
Let's start thinking about a marketing campaign leading up to and on Joomla’s birthday. This also coincides with the proposed release date of Joomla 4.2 on 16th August, so a lot to shout about! We should start planning social media campaigns, birthday merch, competitions etc. Please forward any ideas for discussion at our next meeting.

10. Member Activity!
We currently have team members that are inactive, there may well be valid reasons for this such as working on other Joomla projects and tasks. It would be helpful however to clarify who is going to be active going forward. LH to post in Glip asking who still wants to be an active member and contributor.

The next Marketing Team meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 7th June, 17:00 UTC 18:00 BST