By Louise Hawkins on 2022-07-11 09:02 in Marketing Team

Marketing Minutes June 7th, 2022
Tuesday, June 7th  2022 UTC 17:00 BST 18.00
Duration:1 Hour
Participants: Phil Walton, Louise Hawkins, Andrew Barber
Tom van der Laan

1. Review of the last meetings minutes:

2. Marketing Team Artwork production Bible - Status in progress: Priority High

3. Social Media Graphics - In progress
Lou to prepare the first source file using the circle's template, which can be used for the forthcoming Google Summer of Code graphics. This will provide a working practice to create the additional source files and subsequently update social media images.
Status: LH to provide brief to team:

6. PR - Press Pack. Agreed that Andrew Barber should be the point of contact for the press pack. The press pack will initially consist of a one-page PDF that links to the press resources on the website. It would look so much more professional if the designated contact had a Joomla email address. PW to look into getting a Joomla email created for LH and AB Priority: High LH to action ASAP

8. Persona Questionaire - This will go into the June issue of the community magazine. The copy needed to be extended a little, and graphics will also be required.

9. Joomla! Birthday – Joomla will be 17 on the 17th of August 2022.
17 reasons to love Joomla! As Joomla will be 17 this August. LH put forward the idea of 17 reasons to love Joomla, this will consist of 17 social media posts each with a unique reason to love Joomla and a chance to win a prize every day, with 17 chances to win on Joomla’s actual Birthday. To enter you must like and comment on the post. A winner will be picked at random.

Prizes to be clarified, we will almost certainly pick something from Toms's supplier website. We will need to investigate the legalities of such competition to ensure regulatory compliance. If any members have experience in this area then please do come forward.

LH to put together a more detailed proposal so that PW can present it to the Social Media Team. Marketing will supply the graphics in advance so they can be scheduled via Hootsuite, thus making life easier for the social media team.

All members to add ‘reasons to love Joomla’ to Glip, please. Messaging and graphics will need to ready in the next 3-4 weeks.

10. Member Activity!
Posted on Glip requesting members who haven’t attended any of the marketing meetings to let me know if they plan to remain active and also which members were proficient in the adobe creative suite. I had zero responses. LH and PW to tidy up and remove non-active members, so we have a more realistic view of the team.

The next Marketing Team meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 21st June, 17:00 UTC 18:00 BST