By Louise Hawkins on 2022-08-23 08:22 in Marketing Team

Marketing Minutes August 16th, 2022

Tuesday 16th August 2022 UTC 17:00 BST 18.00

Duration:1 Hour

Participants: Phil Walton, Louise Hawkins, Tom van der Laan, Roberto Membreno

Apologies: Andrew Barber 



1. Review of the last meetings minutes:


2. Joomla Birthday Prize Draw: The campaign has received multiple entries across the channels. By far, the most active channel was Twitter, and the most active country was the Netherlands. The UK was very shy! LH to collate entries and will provide some stats such as total entries, total unique entries, participation by country, participation by channel etc. LH will also provide a debrief of what worked, what didn’t, what could have been done better etc. This will be useful when planning next year's birthday promotion.  


3. Next Joomla Release 4.3: The next Joomla release in approximately 6 months will be 4.3. At present, there is no specified colour palette, so feel free to put forward some ideas. I will attach the Joomla4 colour palette document as a pinned file; there are some colours that haven’t been used. Tom has already shared some visuals of the colours not yet used from the palette; my personal preference is purple.


4. Joomla 5: With Joomla 5 planned for around a year's time from now, it's never too early to start thinking about colour and imagery. I’m going to create an ideas folder for Joomla 5; this is for us to place any ideas of colours, vector icons, screenshots etc.

5. Joomla 5 Secondary Template: It would be great to have a secondary template ship with Joomla 5, but what elements should it include? Again, I’ll set up a new shared folder where everyone can add ideas, screenshots etc. Is there a particular template feature that your clients always want? Is there something you think should definitely be included in a standard template? Have you worked on another CMS that has a great standard template? And if anyone comes across feedback on socials or on the forum that's relevant, please screenshot it and add it to the folder, please. Several comments on the forum suggest it should be easier to change the favicon, for example. Suggest we schedule another survey as well.


6. Personas Survey: The personas survey that went out in the Joomla magazine has received in excess of two hundred respondents. I’m going to ask Hans to run a campaign on social media to promote this, and hopefully, we can get many more respondents. I’m going to pivot the data to see what interesting trends are there. At first glance, it's very clear that Joomla appeals to a certain demographic. However, we will need to get a lot more data for it to be statistically meaningful. LH to provide some statistics when we have acquired more data.


7. Videos: Huge thanks to  Brian Teeman for his two great Joomla Birthday Videos. And huge thanks also to Roberto, who created a great video (at very short notice) for our Birthday 17 Reasons Campaign.

Roberto is happy to work on a Happy Holidays Video for Christmas, possibly a New Year one also. Again if anyone has any ideas or examples of really good videos they’ve seen, please share.


8. Social Media Sizes: A review of current social media sizes is required against the sizes specified in the marketing folder. There was an issue with a graphic recently which has prompted this. I always use sprout social as they are always bang up to date. We then need to check these against the artboard sizes in the source files, establish if all artboards are required and establish safe areas for the templates. This info can then be added to the Marketing Bible, which is still in progress.

For reference, as it might be useful for others:


The next Marketing Team meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 30th August, 17:00 UTC 18:00 BST