By Louise Hawkins on 2023-07-03 15:50 in Marketing Team

Tuesday June 20th 2023 UTC 17:00 GMT 18.00

Duration: 50 minutes

Participants:, Louise Hawkins, Philip Walton, Tom van der Laan, Mike Kritzer, Robin Clapp, Alireza Javaherian

Apologies: Maria Skampoura, Joshua Hawkins, Andrew Barber


Review of last meeting minutes…


1. Joomla 5 Design Challenge: Some more great designs were received and overall there are elements from most of the designs that can be incorporated. It is intended to use Elisa’s design for development, looking to create two variations of colour and design. Phil to message everyone who submitted a design with a view to forming a group who will develop the design. A discussion took place as to whether the new design/ landing page should be built with yootheme pro or built in core cassiopeia using custom html and CSS. There are valid arguments for each choice, it was felt that by creating the design using Yootheme pro would allow more people to actively do the work. There is also the option of getting the final design coded by a community member to use Joomla core?


2. Gelato: Phil to test API as there is no current standard integration between Joomla and Gelato. Once the API is working, LH to look at styling, image sizes etc… on the test site. status in progress


3. Market Research - LH demonstrated a tool (QDA Miner) which analyses data from surveys, social media etc in last months report. LH to check with Crystal to see if she has any alternative software as the licence is very expensive, the free version is very limited. Mike suggested we ask the software makers if they give a discount for non-profit organisations. LH to get in touch.


If anyone is interested in market research, this is the link for the free software:

4. Social Media: LH asked again if anyone would be interested in helping with the social media tasks. These include: Graphics, video Graphics, Daily Posting, Content Creation, Analytics, Strategy, Monitoring Messages. 


Mike said that he would be able to help with the Instagram magazine article graphics each month. LH to provide instructions along with the current template etc.


5. Joomla Foundation:

Foundation status qualifies Joomla for a potential 10K advertising allowance from Google. The current Joomla foundation website does not have the level of info required to satisfy Google. PW to see if we can find any examples of websites that did make the grade or some sort of list of requirements that need to be met and make the current website accessible for editing. Content for this site needs to be generic, e.g a teaching foundation for CMS and GitHub, How to use Github for example…


6. A very warm welcome to Alireza or AJ who joined us for our meeting from Persia. PH asked AJ if he would be interested in helping with liaisons re Joomla releases.


7. AI Images - PH gave a fabulous presentation on how to use a free image from pexels, freepik etc.. and then change and enhance it with AI to create unique images for blog posts and web pages. Unique images make Google happy. The  image creator Phil used is


We should consider using these unique images in the Joomla 5 landing page, social media posts and more.

The next Marketing Team meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, 4th July, 17:00 UTC, 18:00 BST.