By Louise Hawkins on 2023-09-04 20:44 in Marketing Team

Marketing Minutes August 29th, 2023

Tuesday August 29th 2023 UTC 17:00 GMT 18.00

Duration: 50 minutes

Participants: Louise Hawkins, Philip Walton, Tom Van der Laan, Mike Kritzer
Apologies: Joshua Hawkins, Maria Skampoura


Quick review of previous meeting, the main topic for discussion is Joomla 5!

1. Joomla 5 Design Challenge: 

Phil has created a test site for Joomla 5 designs. There are still no designs on the test site ☹️
LH to post in the J5 Design Working Group Mattermost Channel as the release is fast approaching. Once we have a defined design we will need to create social media templates and create an asset pack so community members, developers and partners can all promote Joomla 5. This could include web banners as there were a few requests for these for PBF.

2. Gelato: No further update at present

3. Market Research Software - LH to request a demo/ pending.

4. Social Media: LH to show MK how to create JCM instagram images. LH to also recreate all the social media boards as Boards/Cards are going to be deprecated from September 15th! 

123RF - We have run out of credits, LH to request a top up.

5. Joomla Foundation:

No further update at present - There is still a need for generic content for the site such as how to use GitHub etc…

6. New Joomla administrator colour scheme required.

Tom has created some great colour schemes along with a J5 logo. PH to speak with Harald at the next production meeting to see if he is happy with the proposed colours and design. LH to send proposed design to Luca with reference to Trademark.

PBF23 - Quick discussion on PBF23, lots of bugs fixed, event went well. IONOS are keen to continue to sponsor the event. LH to attend a meeting with IONOS on 7th September. 

New Marketing Lead required - As LH will be taking up the role of Outreach DC from September 23rd we will need to elect a new Marketing Lead. Tom has agreed to put himself forward for the role. LH and PW to organise the election procedure via a doodle.

The next Marketing Team meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, 12th September 2023, 17:00 UTC, 18:00 BST.