By Mike Kritzer on 2024-03-26 05:19 in Marketing Team

Date: Tuesday, 26th March 2024, 19:04- 19:49 GMT+01:00

Attendees: Maria Skampoura, Mike Kritzer, Outreach DC OSM, Tom van der Laan,

Alexander Tsoukalas,

JDAY USA Social Media GiveAway

 * Tom agrees to contact Benjamin and/or Philip to make the necessary changes for

   the giveaway.

 * Maria can Schedule social media posts and write copy for promotion.

 * The plan is to post multiple times a day and close the giveaway on monday.

Plan to improve our website

 * The team discussed creating an Excel sheet with URLs to analyze and improve

   different pages of the website., Mike will create a spreadsheet for it.

 * They agree to create a Google Sheet with URLs and names, and corresponding

   Google Docs for each URL. They also discuss having multiple assessors per


 * They discuss creating a standard Google Doc for every URL and populating it

   with assessments. They also talk about allowing more than one assessor per


 * The suggestion is to create a more structured document with questions and

   populate it with relevant information.

 * The idea is to have a table where people can populate information.

 * There is a suggestion to send reminders between meetings to keep people


 * The suggestion is to get the sheet going and see how it evolves.

 * Another meeting will be scheduled to discuss the next steps in improving our website properties.

Any other business

 * It is mentioned that it's hard to get people motivated at the same time.

 * Alexander plans to focus on finishing the homepage before the next meeting.