By Mike Kritzer on 2024-03-12 05:22 in Marketing Team

Date: Tuesday, 12th March 2024

Attendees: Angelika Prox-Dampha, Maria Skampoura, Tom van der Laan, Jimmy Hich


Meeting Summary


 * We went over the marketing minutes from last meeting

 * We went over the feedback from Tom concerning the Wikipedia page. 

 * Jimmy Hich mentions that he will consider Tom's feedback and make changes.

   He also plans to keep the marketing team informed about the changes.

 * Tom van der Laan plans to present the improvement plan in the next marketing

   meeting and discus responsibilities.

 * Tom van der Laan suggests discussing the bugs and issues in the next meeting

   and coming up with a strategy. He also mentions the possibility of posting

   about it on social media.

 * Tom van der Laan mentions plans to work on the websites, update the content and structure.
  He acknowledges the need to keep the content updated to avoid the project appearing dead.

 * The participants discuss the need to focus on improving websites and promoting events as 

   next steps.