By Mike Kritzer on 2024-05-07 05:23 in Marketing Team

Date: Tuesday, 7th May 2024, 19:07- 20:10 GMT+02:00

Attendees: Alireza Javaherian, Maria Skampoura, Mike Kritzer, Philip Walton, Tom

van der Laan, jimmy hich, Angelika Prox-Dampha


Meeting Summary

The team discussed Louise's Joomla 3 campaign, focusing on content, imagery, and

Language. They also discussed providing migration assistance for Joomla 3 users, planning

to offer resources like MigrateMe and workshops. The team deliberated on website

content strategy beyond Joomla users, considering paid advertising and

broadening the target audience. Discussions also included the organization's

non-profit status, Google budget benefits, marketing budget, website redesign

challenges, and forming teams for website improvement. Concerns were raised

about understanding the review process and website structure, with plans to

improve content management, prioritize updates, and implement a questionnaire

for visitor preferences. Lastly, discussions on website creation tools,

marketing strategies, target market identification, and industry engagement were

highlighted, emphasizing the need to position Joomla effectively and engage with

industry players.


Help get people off Joomla 3

 * The team plans to offer assistance to Joomla 3 users by providing links to

   resources like the Joomla job board, MigrateMe, and workshops. They aim to

   address issues related to templates, extensions, and hosting requirements.

 * There is a suggestion to create a landing page with resources to help Joomla

   3 users migrate. Additionally, the team discusses the importance of gathering

   data on pain points for better assistance.

 * Angelika raised the question of implementing paid advertising for Joomla

   products, indicating a potential next step to explore monetization


 * Maria provides a link for legal information related to Open Source Matters

   and Joomla. 


Joomla Website Review

 * Mike suggested forming smaller groups to review specific pages of the website

   and make suggestions. Tom agreed and planned to schedule a review session

   after his kids go to bed.

 * Tom mentioned that editing team members is not a concern for the day and

   confirmed that essential team members are already included, except for


 * Discussion on team formation where Maria expressed willingness to team up

   with anyone, and Tom assigned team members who still needed partners. 

 * Tom emphasized the need to improve the existing website content until a new

   one is built. The goal is to enhance pages with outdated or poor content to

   ensure a better user experience.

 * Angelika suggested looking at the age of when pages were last edited or

   updated to identify potentially outdated content. Tom mentioned prioritizing

   high-traffic pages like the home page, about Joomla, and core features for


 * Angelika emphasizes the need to position Joomla effectively, engage with

   industry players, and explore opportunities in digital marketing events.