By Parth Lawate on 2017-01-29 18:03 in Marketing Team

Report London Sprint 2017 - Marketing Team

By Parth Lawate

37 odd Joomlers from all over the world and various teams together at one Super sprint can make fantastic things happen and that’s exactly what they did!  Having members from various teams like JED, UX, PLT, Marketing, Certification & SEO helped in a lot of cross pollination of ideas and helped interaction that otherwise, would have taken a long time.


Attendees : Joe Sonne, Lili Espinosa, Parth Lawate, Sandra Thevenet , Ufuk Avcu, Chris Paschen (Remotely)

The Sprint started out by deciding to spend some time on refining the Agenda that we had set for the sprint and define what strategic and tactical outcomes we expected from the sprint. While many were completed by the end of the Sprint, we had to move some that we could not complete to the task backlog. Here is quick look at what all was achieved. 


Tactical Stuff

  1. Google Drive Reorganisation
    A definition was created on how the Marketing Google drive should be organised and a lot of the reorganisation was done. The document can be seen here. This and the structure will still evolve as we use it. This was worked on by Chris remotely & Parth.

  2. Ufuk, Sandra & Lili worked on the Joomla! 3.7 landing page development.
    Sandra & Ufuk worked on the design, the missing copywriting, went through all the features. Lili worked on the pictures for the landing page, the banner part as well as the picture for the stable 3.7 blog post and started working on the pictures for the teasing campaign and associated pictures for our social media covers (Sandra will keep on working with Lili on all that). Leigh also helped us improving the copywriting. This was done by taking the help of the rest of the on-site Marketing team as well as PLT and SEO members. Site has been shown to several  members of the PLT, SEO team. We are happy to welcome Lili Espinosa to the Design Pool with this project. She is a talented graphic designer.  A complete report on what was done around the 3.7 landing page is present at the end of this report.

  3. Sandra & Lili worked on updating the current header on to one that is closer to the newly designed one. This went live on Thursday 26 January. Similar changes will also be done to our Twitter card image.

  4. Ujuk has planned to run a Pilot project building upon the work done by earlier teams for the Joomla Information Architecture project to revisit how the Joomla! properties are designed and work with each other ( This is a slower running project & will start in 2-3 months)

  5. Joe worked on setting up the Ad Server on the properties. Document can be seen here.

  6. We need the editable copy of the brand manual. Parth has contacted Chiara about this & we should get it soon so it can be made live post a few edits.

  7. Shop:  due to some legal issues and resignation of the manager of the shop, Marketing Team will need to find new vendors/product providers for the Shop as well as insuring every legal questions is solved before creating a new team to manage the site, re-organize it and then re-open it. 2 people had not received their orders placed last year. Sandra contacted Mike V. about this and  an update that the orders have been shipped on 25th Jan was given by Mike.


Strategic Stuff

  1. The Marketing team’s goals for 2017 were defined.

  2. Defining an overall strategy for Joomla! marketing. Parth worked on this by improving the ‘Sustainable Eco system for Joomla!’ document to take into consideration feedback from various teams to define Joomla’s target market & Personas. A Presentation on this was given to all teams. The complete detailed strategy shall be published soon.  

  3. Chris & Parth worked on better defining a structure for the Marketing team to make it possible to recruit the best talent and ensure a structure & process that will ensure least burnout and maximum efficiency. This was done as a build up on the original structure defined a few years ago to plug the issues seen with it since.

  4. Considering the volume of work that involves marketing, it was decided that a much larger team needs to be built and Joomla! in general (not just Marketing but overall) needs a ‘HR & Recruitment’ Department. While Marketing has been trying to do this, it's a much bigger role and needs dedicated focus to keep recruiting the best people for the community.

  5. An Analytical look was taken to define Joomla’s positioning & Target market. This input was a critical input for the UX team & as well as production in general. You can see it in the ‘Positioning Joomla! in the Market’ slide.

  6. Some work was done to better define a Joomla! tagline with respect to the above discussion and we looked at what our competitors use.

  7. Joomla! Tag Line  

Verbs - Build/Launch/Deploy

How -  Powerful/Advanced/Ambitious/Sophisticated/Scalable/Stunning/

What - Digital Experiences, Websites, Applications,  

  1. It was decided that we need to have a strategy to support our ecosystem. Some ideas were as below :
    Position Joomla! to be a great contribution destination for Companies as well as Individual

    1. Company Pages with contribution badges

    2. Individual Pages with contribution badges

More are covered in the presentation in the last slide.  

Team Interactions

  1. A good deal of interaction happened with the UX team to give & take inputs around Joomla’s target users & Market positioning. Detailed discussions and debates were done involving the Marketing & UX consultants that had come as visitors on the sprint to improve & finetune this.

  2. Interactions were done with the SEO team & specifically with Soren around the new home page design. Marketing & SEO will need to work closely in the coming months to solve SEO issues for our various properties

  3. Sandra & Parth had good interactions with the Certification team & a decision needs to be made to centralise all Newsletter management if possible . Marketing and certification are to collaborate on Certification promotion campaigns. The Certification Marketing team and the Marketing team will work in better coordination going forward & more efficiently sharing better resources.


Landing Page Report

By : Sandra, Ufuk

With the Joomla! 3.7 release around the corner, the landing page for 3.7 was a key project to work on in the sprint. The availability of other teams like Production, SEO as well as other members from Marketing helped us work more efficiently & move fast on several aspects of the landing page while ensuring accuracy.

We were able to dive deeper into Joomla! 3.7 features & help make the copy more accurate & also contribute to the production process by identifying bugs which we found. Since the production team was just next door, we were able to get verify our copy and ensure it was accurate.

Joomla! 3.7 holds great promise. We were very impressed by the ‘Multilingual Associations’ component. This feature will reinforce Joomla! as the best out of the box multilingual CMS and thus we have decided that this will be one of the key features for Joomla! 3.7 to join field management,  Admin menu manager and the router improvements. The Primary features have been merged and we don’t expect major changes on this front. So the focus can now be on improving content if need be.

We were able to achieve the aims we had set for us. The Layout of the landing page is now complete and rendering bugs have been ironed out. The new images for the primary features will be finalised soon. A final merge on this is pending. Given below is a summary of the work done.

Who participated

Lili Espinosa (Design)

Sandra Thevenet (Everything :-)

Ufuk Avcu (Team Lead)

Achieved Objectives

  • Reduce workload to do the landing page compared to 3.6

  • Design

    • Fine-tuning the template

    • Adjustments for the Mobile View

  • Text / Copywriting

    • Verify test in Joomla! 3.7 All Key Features

    • Copywriting for the verified features

    • New Slogan

      • 700 reasons the best just got better!

      • Credit: Joe

  • Images

    • New images for the main features

    • The four main Joomla! colors are more to the fore

  • 4 Instead of 3 main features

    • New: Multilingual

    • 18 further features

    • Over 700 total improvements

Backlog for the landing page

  • Text / Copywriting

    • Complement and enhance English texts

    • Then start the translations

  • Images

    • Finish and install the Remaining images

  • Template / Design

    • Responsive testing

  • Animations

    • Only 4 Main Features have an Animated GIF


Overall Notes from the various Meetings & Todos

These are todo’s & Notes that came up in the various meetings

  1. Remove dates from blogs from the main home pages of various properties as if any are very old it looks very Bad - Sandra

  2. Will it be possible to have SSO for all Joomla! Properties ? This will help improve data exchange between properties & help us support our ecosystem better . We need to discuss this with the Webmasters team & Production team.

  3. Getting Admin access to 123RF for Joomla. It’s currently Mike Veeckmans. We need to get the admin access changed - this has been done  Saturday, January 21, 2017

  4. Would it be possible to use Design Bold/Canva for Joomla. It can help non designers create good designs off templates created by the Design Pool

  5. Consider having role based emails for Marketing roles. This will help transition when team members change.

  6. We need to define who will own and manage mwg@community as well as marketing@joomla - Chris

  7. Make final edits for the Brand manual & Publish it

  8. Social Media: involve all teams to provide copywriting/visuals

  9. new design implementation rollout strategy (Involve Soren during this topic)

  10. Finalise and Update the Joomla! tagline on the website

  11. Streamline blogging strategy across properties

  12. Streamline release related publishing -updates on dev, main site duplication

  13. Reinstate basic Newsletter project & Give access to various teams with policy of use

  14. Reactivate the shop - Legal + ‘Shop Manager/Shop Team’ Role to be satisfied

  15. Status of the general Joomla! Video

  16. New design for 2017 imagery on properties and social media

  17. Improve onboarding process for new volunteers

  18. Work more on PM for the marketing team to better manage projects.

  19. Publish Call for Volunteers for various open positions

  20. Establish a ‘HR Department’ for Joomla!