By Parth Lawate on 2017-04-06 17:41 in Marketing Team


The marketing team started the year with new leadership (Chris Paschen elected Team Leader) and a very small team of active contributors. A significant portion of the time since then has been focused on two main areas - establishing a functional and strategic marketing team culture and the marketing of the new Joomla! 3.7 release.


The 3.7 release team has been headed up by Sandra Thevenet. Sandra has done a great job of not only leading the team but also doing a significant portion of the work toward release of materials after our lead designer resigned. Sandra has also gone above and beyond by helping cover a number of other smaller projects throughout this transition time.


Initial discussion and planning toward the Joomla! 4.0 release has also begun, working together with members of the release teams to help direct our marketing efforts.


Near the first of the year Parth Lawate, our Strategic Marketing Lead, put together a plan to effectively address some significant and on-going issues that directly impact our marketing actions. He also worked to establish our team budget for the present year. In follow-up to that, Chris Paschen (Team Leader) has been working to develop a ‘Tactical Marketing Plan’ to help us create effective processes to act on the items within the strategic marketing plan. A key aspect of the Tactical Plan is to have a system that is more efficient and can better respond to needs and collaboration opportunities with other Joomla! Community Teams.


Key to the all of this is to grow the Marketing Team to allow us to handle the significant tasks that the Marketing Team is faced with, along with all other Joomla teams. We have begun a short campaign to encourage additional participation / contribution from the community. This began with an article in the April Magazine and will be followed up with additional blog posts and other releases.


The team is also working on establishing a regular meeting schedule to facilitate implementation of both the strategic and tactical plans.

Submitted by C. Paschen, Marketing Team Leader, 2017-04-06