By Hervé Boinnard on 2018-12-22 15:34 in Marketing Team


  • Sandra Decoux - Marketing & Communication Department Coordinator
  • Noreen Cesareo - Marketing Team Lead
  • Hervé Boinnard - Assistant Team Lead



  • DC will draft the points for the “End of the year” article, that will be written by our editor.
  • Ideas on Christmas videos, Happy holidays:
    • Joomla day (bells) Joomla day (bells) Joomla everywhere!

Case Studies

  • We receive a very good draft from Luca from JoomlaDay Italy. We have now three Case Studies.
  • We suggest to get another one from Europe, non English speaking country, and one from America. DC will enquire in the Marketing Liaisons channel, and to American Joomlers.
  • DC and Marketing Lead had a meeting to work on a case study about a car rental website.

Joomla 4

  • DC will provide a list of open roles for J4 marketing with a list of tasks.


  • One copy writer offered to write for Joomla, but unfortunately the topic was comparing our CMS to other market players. We prefer if the article instead showcased features and benefits that add value to our Joomla target audience.


Meeting adjourned after 35 minutes.